NV: Las Vegas Store Sells Products Offering Cannabis Benefits Without The High

Photo Credit: Ann Arbor Miller

A new one-of-a-kind store in the valley sells products to give customers medical benefits of cannabis without the high.

“I’m hoping to offer easy access to legal medication,” owner Joe Vargas said.

Buy Legal Meds is now open on Tropicana and Decatur. It’s the start of what Vargas said is the world’s first CBD oil retail chain.

The shop sells CBD and hemp-based products which fall under a different category than marijuana because they contain either no or only trace amounts of THC.

Vargas says that means users can reap some of the medical benefits without getting high.

“This is definitely an alternative because you don’t get the THC psychoactive high from CBD products,” Vargas said.

All of the store’s products from lotions to gummies are made in-house.

“We actually started with Cloud 9 syrup. This is our staple product great for insomnia, anxiety, ADD, fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson’s, many different things,” Vargas said.

The shop also sells CBD flower which looks and smells like marijuana but without the THC, a product just for pets and even CBD smoothies.

Vargas said anyone 18 years old and over can purchase his products. He’s already planning more locations in the valley and says this store is the start of the world’s first CBD oil retail chain.

To celebrate the store’s opening, during the month of February every customer who makes a purchase will get a free gram of CBD flower.