OK: Durant Pop-Up Shop Plans To Sell Medical Marijuana

Photo Credit: Wollertz

The vote to legalize medical marijuana passed last night, and a new sign went up this morning in Durant.

The Remedy will open up shop this Saturday.

The night after Oklahomans said yes to Medical Marijuana, a sign sprouted up on 3rd Avenue in Durant.

The Remedy owner Dustin Belvin said the idea has been planted in his mind for about a month.

“By introducing CBD externally, it causes your body to produce more of its cannabinoids so it can help get you back on track,” Belvin said.

He’ll open Saturday, selling only CBD, a marijuana oil that doesn’t get you high.

“A lot of conditions, CBD isn’t enough. THC is there to supplement that,” Belvin said.

Medical marijuana has THC.

“We fully intend on converting into a medical marijuana dispensary, not maybe not at this exact location, but we do fully intend on doing that,” Belvin said.

Coleman Cook lives in Armstrong and said he’ll be talking to his doctor. He plans to be a customer.

“The fact that maybe I could get an alternative as opposed to the harsh chemicals that people are given with depression or anxiety,” Cook said.

Belvin expects to have his license to sell sometime in August.

By law, the marijuana he sells will have to be grown in Oklahoma, that could take about six months.

The state law passed with mixed opinions.

In Texoma, only three counties, Coal, Carter, and Murray, were in support.

Marshall County was against it by one vote.

In Bryan County, the majority of voters were against 53 to 47 percent.

According to Belvin, the root of this medication is to help people.