OK: News Press Readers Support Medical Marijuana Initiative

Photo Credit: Getty Images

State Question 788, which will be on the June 26 primary ballot for registered Oklahoma voters, would legalize medical marijuana. A yes vote would approve the licensed use, possession and cultivation of marijuana for medicinal purposes. No would oppose those measures.

The News Press released a poll several weeks ago that has since tallied nearly 400 votes, asking readers, “Do you support State Question 788, which would legalize marijuana for medical purposes in Oklahoma.” About 62 percent, with 247 votes, chose yes. About 37 percent, with 146 votes, chose no. Four votes selected the third option of “other.”

“If you have a family member, friend, and/or even yourself who can only find relief from medical marijuana, this is a no brainer. Please support this legislation,” wrote a poster using the name Melody.

SQ 788 would require a board-certified physicians signature before a medical marijuana license could be issues. Those with the license would be allowed to possess up to 3 ounces of marijuana on their person, and 8 ounces at their residence, possess 72 ounces of edible marijuana, possess six mature plants and six seedling plants. It would also allow for licensing of medical marijuana retailers and producers, and municipalities cannot prevent marijuana dispensaries with restrictive zoning laws. Sales would be taxed at 7 percent.

Much of the debate around SQ 788 is not that it legalized medicinal marijuana, but that the ballot language was too loose and open to interpretation.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter told the News Press last month that he thought the language was too vague and that it was basically an attempt to disguise recreational marijuana legalization under the guise of a medicinal ballot measure. He said Oklahomans “are not ready for recreational marijuana.”