OK: Tulsa’s First Medical Marijuana Clinic Opens In Midtown

Photo Credit: Facebook

Tulsa’s first medical marijuana clinic opened in midtown the day after the state voted to legalize medical marijuana.

As soon as State Question 788 passed, the Tulsa Higher Care Clinic, at 3321 South Yale, opened up.

Owners of the clinic want to make it clear, there’s no marijuana in the building. It is simply an information hub for medical marijuana.

The state needs time to look further into regulations. So in the meantime, the clinic will meet with those interested in getting a license and get them prepared.

They have a doctor on hand that will make the recommendations needed to prescribe medicinal marijuana.

Basically, steering them in the right direction so they’ll be ready to apply for a license.

We talked to their first client this morning, who is thankful 788 passed last night.

“I’m diagnosed with PTSD, I have bad anxiety, stuff like that,” said Michael Bayko, an applicant. “When I’m around people real close, stuff like social encounters. Also I deal with really bad stomach pain, my mom had irritable bowl syndrome, so I deal with some of that.”

The doctor we spoke with believes at a minimum, it’ll be eight to 12 months before a single piece of marijuana will be sold in Oklahoma.

Application information and requirements will be available online through the state health department by July 26.

But they will not receive or process applications until Aug. 25.