OK: With CBD Already Legal, Is Medical Marijuana State Question Necessary

Photo Credit: KOKH News

CBD shops are sprouting up around Oklahoma.

The cannabis derivative is supposed to have benefits for people suffering from many different ailments.

Photo Credit: KOKH News

“The list grows every single day of what is, what’s being claimed out there, what people say CBD is helping them with,” said Jake Chilcoat with CBD Plus, “but definitely for things like arthritis pain, inflammation, neuropathy, some cancer, fibromyalgia– that’s one of the big ones. It calms your nerves down and helps to recoat your nerves. It also reduces inflammation in the entire body, so anywhere you have pain, arthritis, it’s going to help.”

At his location at I-240 and Penn, CPD Plus offers many ways to take CBD, from tinctures to coffee grounds.

If the product is already easily available, is it necessary to approve medical marijuana through State Question 788? Proponents say yes.

“The THC components, which is the psychotropic component to [cannabis], actually helps to intensify the CBD’s effects in various specific patients,” said Bud Scott, of New Health Solutions Oklahoma.

Scott says there are many studies that show THC strengthens CBD benefits. He said THC works better than CBD alone for pain management. Chilcoat said there are also studies that show THC has benefits on it’s own– such as managing migraines.

Scott said, besides the added medical benefit, he can see the state question providing other benefits.

“The CBD component, they’re importing most of that product. Everything that you’re seeing for the development of those CBD tinctures, or CBD products, are largely coming from out of state,” Scott said. “But with the THC and the full-blown medical marijuana industry, that’s where you see the most of the large investment.”

Still, Chilcoat said it may not be necessary to pass 788.

“For people who maybe aren’t terminal, but just want relief, basically we can do what medical marijuana has the potential to do with our current products,” he said.