PA: First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens Its Doors In Centre County

Photo Credit: 6WJAC

The first medical marijuana dispensary in Centre County opened its doors Thursday.

Nature’s Medicine is operating the dispensary on North Atherton Street and many customers came out for the opening.

“If you would have told me four years ago this would happen I would think you’re crazy,” said Christy Billett of PA Safe Access, a group started by Billett that advocates for the use of medical marijuana.

Patient Ron Boyles said he went through 20 different pharmaceutical medications before he tried medical marijuana after a series of back surgeries.

“Things cleared up quickly. It was strictly cannabis. Those pharmaceuticals quickly went away. I felt I needed to make others aware of this,” he said.

The store is open Wednesday through Saturday and can serve anyone with a state issued medical marijuana card.

Currently, 17 medical conditions have been approved by the commonwealth for the use of medical marijuana.