PA: Harrisburg Mayor Says The City Is An Attractive Venue For Medical Marijuana Companies

Photo Credit: WHTM

The City of Harrisburg remains in ACT 47, and Mayor Eric Papenfuse says that could be helpful during the second round of the medical marijuana facilities evaluation process.

“This time around The Commonwealth is giving extra points to companies if they applied in an act 47 municipality, said Papenfuse. “I feel optimistic that we can get a company this time.”

Papenfuse says the extra incentive makes business sense, as cities like Harrisburg continue their efforts to recover financially. “I think they are looking to drive jobs and development to act 47 cities,” said Papenfuse, “And as a result, we have been bombarded by applications.”

The mayor says six companies have expressed interest in setting up shop as a grower facility or dispensary. “On the grower facility end, you are looking at a number of different companies that want to invest $10 million dollars plus, said Papenfuse. “They will renovate old industrial buildings and would create in upwards of 40 jobs initially.”

Papenfuse says that evaluation process should take 90 days.