PA: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Moves Into Plymouth Meeting

Photo Credit: Ilera Healthcare

Ilera Healthcare, a premier medical marijuana cultivator, processor and dispenser, opened its new dispensary location in Plymouth Meeting on Friday and will unveil its line of marijuana-based medicines.

Ilera’s product offering, which is currently available in tinctures, vaporizable oils and topical creams, was developed to address the 21 different disease states identified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s regulations.

“Our team has developed products that will provide relief to patients. Ilera Healthcare’s goal is to provide marijuana-based medicines that address not just the conditions related to an individual’s disease state, but to also develop products that match a patient’s lifestyle,” said Greg Rochlin, CEO, Ilera Healthcare. “We are committed to producing a continuous supply of the highest quality products so that our dispensary and our partner dispensaries across Pennsylvania can meet patients’ needs for medical marijuana.”

Ilera Healthcare’s initial product lineup includes Soothe, Shine, Breathe, Dream, Fusion and Choice – each name corresponding to a patient’s individual needs. All products are designed to produce targeted effects that can be utilized to address specific indications in line with physician recommendation. Packaging is child resistant, tamper-evident, and complete with warning labels.

• SOOTHE: Provides gentle, non-habit-forming pain relief with carefully selected terpene profile that also reduce inflammation.

• SHINE: Increases energy and focus and features finely tuned terpene profiles to enhance these energizing effects.

• BREATHE: Promotes calm and helps decrease anxiety with a unique terpene profiles that leaves patients feeling relaxed, not sleepy.

• DREAM: A specially formulated terpene profile that promotes natural, restful sleep.

• FUSION: Formulated with high-purity CO2-extracted and distilled cannabinoids fused with hand-selected natural flavor extracts.

• CHOICE: Delivers pure activated cannabinoids and terpenes for the full complexity, flavor, and aroma of well-known therapeutic strains.

Ilera Healthcare’s Plymouth Meeting dispensary is located at 420 Plymouth Road and its patient access hours are Tuesdays through Sundays. Please visit for updated hours. These hours are part of Ilera Healthcare’s mission to provide education to patients, physicians and the community, and fulfill physician recommendations for patients. Ilera Healthcare offers a patient-focused education and access program that includes guidance on how patients and caregivers can apply to be part of Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program.

“Ilera Healthcare is focused on elevating the understanding of marijuana-based medicines among patients, caregivers and healthcare providers. While this marks our initial product offering, we will continue to research and develop new products,” said Osagie Imasogie, Ilera Healthcare’s Chairman. “We are confident our pharmaceutical-caliber medical marijuana products will provide relief for the 21 medical conditions approved by the State of Pennsylvania.”

Plymouth Meeting is Ilera Healthcare’s primary dispensary location and the company plans to open two additional dispensary sites in the Philadelphia region within the year.

Patients interested in learning if medical marijuana is right for them should visit the State of Pennsylvania’s Department of Health for more information.