PA: State Advisory Board Recommends Allowing Dry Leaf Cannabis


On Monday, the state’s medical marijuana advisory board recommended to allow dry leaf cannabis to patients.

Dispensaries currently offer medical marijuana in the liquids, creams, and lotions. The state said demand has passed supply for six dispensaries throughout the state.

“But there are dispensaries that have come on line in the last week that do have product right now,” said April Hutcheson with the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

If approved, dry leaf cannabis could also be added to the list of medical treatment.

As part of Monday’s advisory board’s recommendation, the board discussed if there should be an age limit applied and/or should anyone with any of the qualifying health conditions delineated by the state, have access to the drug.

“So, they are taking a look at all the research and the data but understanding how it impacts patients,” Hutcheson said. “Ultimately we want to make sure patients have access to medication that’s going to work for them.”

The Department of Health said even if dry leaf marijuana is approved, it cannot be smoked, it must be vaporized.

The board will deliver final recommendations on the use of dry leaf marijuana to be voted on during their April 9 session.