The Next Step For Honey Lovers: Honey Infused With Cannabis

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Felicity Chen had a problem. Actually, she had a solution for her mother’s asthma symptoms — cannabis. Her problem is that her mother had a bias against cannabis. She saw smoking marijuana as a vice. So Chen looked back at her childhood for a solution.

“Growing up, we used a lot of Eastern medicine, ” said Chen. “We’ve always added some sort of herb to the water and I would drink that to make me feel better.”

So Chen began infusing raw honey with cannabinoids and adding a spoonful to her mother’s tea. She said her mom saw it as just another herbal treatment, which she was used to taking.

Chen eventually teamed up with Stefan Carpentier, who owns A Jar of Honey, a beehive business in San Jose, to establish beehives near her home so she could source local honey, which is known to alleviate allergies.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

They produce two types of cannabis-infused honey under the brand HoneyPot Supply. One contains THC, cannabinoid that produces a psychoactive effect. The other contains CBD, another cannabinoid in pot that does not produce a “high” and has been shown to have medical benefits, including reducing inflammation. Honey with CBD is their biggest seller.

HoneyPot will be one of the products showcased at the next Thursday Infused dinner, held on June 14 in San Francisco. The dinner highlights local chefs and foods that have been infused with cannabis to enhance the dining experience.