TN: Medical Marijuana Bill Gains Momentum In Legislature

Photo Credit: Associated Press

Legislation by state Rep. Jeremy Faison of Cocke County for “medical cannabis only” is actually making progress. Part is due to the articulate, intelligent and driven manner with which Faison is pushing this issue. State Rep. Bryan Terry, who is a doctor, is helping him.

Cannabis (marijuana) is picking up steam for people who are in pain. Thirty states have some form of legal cannabis use for significant, chronic pain. Faison wants opinion leaders to know that a majority of the 50 states already have it under a tight and regulated system.

This issue will be hotly debated. State Sen. Steve Dickerson, also a doctor, is the Senate sponsor.

Faison is a conservative who is working hard to make this legal and bring more lawmakers on board. Do not be surprised if this passes the House and goes to the Senate, where its prospects are improving. Clearly, this is an idea that is moving.