UT: ‘Political Insiders’ Split On How LDS Church Opposition Will Affect Medical Cannabis Proposal

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The proposal to legalize medical marijuana in Utah looks like a lock to make November’s ballot. Recently the LDS Church signaled their opposition to the proposal. Our “Political Insiders” are not sure how much of an effect that opposition will have on the initiative in November.

The most recent UtahPolicy.com survey finds 77% of Utahns support legalizing medical marijuana.

However, the LDS Church voiced that they would likely oppose the ballot initiative when they issued a statement in support of the Utah Medical Association’s stance in opposition to the legalization measure.

Our “Political Insiders” differ on how much that opposition will hurt the proposal when it goes before voters in November.

• 80% of the Republicans on our panel said the Church’s opposition would hurt the ballot initiative.

• 56% of the Democrats who answered our survey said the Church’s stance would not hurt the effort to legalize medical cannabis.

• 56% of our readers thought the Church standing in opposition to the proposal would hurt the initiative’s chances of passing.