If Weed Becomes Legal In New Jersey, Would You Drink It

Photo Credit: Judi Franco

If New Jersey is afraid of legalizing marijuana, maybe they could try a “gateway” substance.

As you know, when people talk about medical marijuana they generally are discussing the weed that is prescribed by physician that you get from dispensaries established for this purpose. But obviously there are many ways to get it, legally or illegally. And, there also many ways to receive the benefits of it without actually smoking marijuana.

Perhaps New Jersey could follow in Vermont‘s footsteps and lean more towards the following option: CBD oil.

The hemp plant provides many of the health benefits That medical marijuana does without the THC which is what causes the psychoactive effects. The CBD (cannabidiol) oil generally made from hemp that contain the cannabinoids is for when you need for pain relief without the high. These are increasingly used as a panacea for anxiety, pain, and the like.

On a recent trip to Vermont, my son stumbled upon this coffee shop that uses CBD as an additive in their coffee. According to window of the shop, all that ails you can be fixed in your morning cup of Joe. Check out how many benefits this coffee shop window claims you’ll get out of their special brew.