4 Delicious Seeds Strains – Over 100 Trophies

Delicious Seeds

The 4 most awarded strains of Delicious Seeds have won 107 cups!

Some of them don’t need much introduction because you know them well, but taking a trip through their trophies means knowing everything about them. On the other hand, there are other genetics that, despite having won dozens of trophies, remain unknown to many growers. Let’s not dwell any longer and let’s get to know the most awarded strains from Delicious Seeds.

50 Trophies – Sugar Black Rose

Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Colombia – The internationalization of Sugar Black Rose is at the same time the internationalization of Delicious Seeds. The first cup came in Spain in 2010 and the last one has just arrived in Argentina a couple of months ago. Indeed, there is no specific year or period where this strain won many more awards than any other. It has simply been gradually becoming more and more popular.

When we started talking about genetics that do not need an explanation of their characteristics, we were referring to this one. Therefore, we have decided to focus on its track record. Although there is a fact that still catches our attention: except for Spain, it has not yet premiered in any other European country. Watch out, this 50 cups strain still has room for improvement.

22 Trophies – Unknown Kush

The current Unknown Kush won many of these trophies under its former name, Desconocida Kush. It comes from a cross between Bay 11 and another strain that we kept secret from the beginning. Hence its name. With this mysticism, the incredibly characteristic taste it has, its medicinal value and its beautiful appearance, it did not take long to become the second most awarded strain of the bank.

And as a curiosity, almost half of the trophies have been awarded in the extractions category. So if this is your thing, you know it works.

19 Trophies – Marmalate

The Marmalate is another of the mythical genetics of Delicious Seeds, and its 19 trophies endorse it. Honestly, it has more awards than popularity, which means that, despite not being a new strain, it is still a secret to be discovered. It comes from the crossing of a Critical Mass x Lavender, and although you will identify sativa traits in it, it is a mostly indica cross.

So far we have not talked about flavor in any of these plants, but it is clear that its sweetness (you will identify vanilla, candy and aromatic wood) has led it to be in the top 3 of the most awarded seeds of the bank.

There are many trophies, but all of them have stayed in Spain, Chile or Argentina. If you are reading this from somewhere else, watch out for the discovery you can join.

19 Trophies – Caramelo

The most awarded sativa of Delicious Seeds is already on its 16th cup. And pay attention to this fact: 10 of the 16 cups Caramelo has won have been in indoor category, so you can imagine how this plant is going to behave if your thing is growing indoors.

In addition, it has another advantage that, although it is not usually valued in these competitions, is the reason why many growers choose this strain. It is especially resistant. If you are a fan of SCROG cultivation, it is difficult to find something that reacts better to this pruning.

We have left many behind, as in total all the Delicious Seeds strains have won 187 trophies. However these 4 genetics that we have just talked about have achieved the majority of triumphs. So if you are considering competing, you already know that with these 4 you have won before even beginning.