A Complete Guide To Buying Cannabis Seeds In Bulk

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You’re entering the legal big time. You’re looking to buy cannabis seeds in bulk. It’s a major investment and you’ve already probably spent a small fortune and a great deal of your time and effort setting up your indoor or outdoor facility and obtaining the necessary licences. Getting the right seeds will be the single most important element, on which success or failure, your profit or loss, rests.

Here’s a guide to what you should consider before you take that crucial, final step.

The Price Trap
The attraction of cheap bulk seeds is clear. We all love a deal. Minimise investment and maximise profit. Buy low, sell high. But this could well be a false saving. 

Don’t fall for that bulk seeds offer which seems too good to be true. It probably is.

Despite all that effort you’ve put in setting up your facility, the reward for all your work depends on the seeds themselves. It seems obvious to say, but if you put poor quality in, you’ll get poor quality out. Did you scrimp on your lights, on your soil, on your ventilation or your hydro set-up? So don’t be parsimonious on your seeds.

Ask yourself – and the supplier – some crucial questions. Are the seeds labelled? Do you know, or know of, the breeder? Where exactly do they come from? And if it matters to you, have they been organically produced?

Cheap bulk seeds are cheap for a reason. If you don’t know the genetics, cheap seeds will likely increase your farming time and costs. They are more likely to be weak specimens, vulnerable to disease and infestations, and less able to fight them off. They will not produce the best buds. They will not deliver the heavy coating of trichomes you’re after, and the potency and the terpene profile will be affected. 

Quality genetics will not only give you a healthier garden with weightier results, they are also less likely to turn into hermaphrodites. It’s all about the yield, and your chances of a heavy yield – and therefore weightier profits – rest on the provenance of your seeds.

Never buy bulk on impulse. Never let price alone be the deciding factor. You will pay for it in the long run.

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Consider The Strain
Don’t just pick your own, favourite strain when buying in bulk. Consider the strain in the context of how and where you’re growing. Look for a variety that you know will thrive in your specific environment. 

If you’re growing outdoors, or under cover outdoors, what are the likely weather conditions – although it can be tricky to forecast these days. You may want to look for a good mould-resistant strain, a quick finisher if autumns can be harsh and you have early frosts, (maybe consider auto-flowering plants), and think about the final height. If you’re going to grow hundreds of plants, you are going to want them to be as easy to manage as possible. 

Outdoors, for example, a grower might be unwise to choose a traditional, landrace sativa. Not only can they reach heights of 12’ or more, but they are notoriously slow finishers. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you don’t want to do a major harvest in November; if that is, there’s anything left without rot to harvest after the autumn rains.

If you’re indoors, research the strains that do well inside. And again, watch out for the height after stretch. You want a full grow room, but not a tangled jungle.

And think about your clients or customers. If it’s a dispensary, what are they looking for? What can they tell you about what appeals to their customers? Ask them about the shelf appeal. Are they looking for THC or CBD? What level of potency? This is a business. Grow what the customer will buy.

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You’ve bought more than you need? No need of course for those extra seeds to go to waste. With the correct storage, cannabis seeds will remain viable for many years.

For relatively short-term storage, (up to a year), some uncooked rice, a jar with an airtight seal and a cool, dark place are all you need.

For the longer term, use a vacuum-sealed bag inside an airtight jar and pop the seeds in a refrigerator.

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Find A Reputable Supplier
Onto the purchasing practicalities. You need a reputable and trustworthy supplier. Preferably one that has been in business for many years and that works directly with the very best breeders. Expert Bulk Seeds fits the bill.

They take popular and award-winning genetics and improve them, focusing on both THC and CBD levels, medicinal values, visual appearance, aroma, taste and potency. All of this is done using only natural organic nutrients and insecticides.

When it comes to buying in bulk from them, unlike many other suppliers, the whole range of their premium inventory is available to those who want to buy from 100 to 2,000 seeds. Their collection includes classic best sellers and they also have a “Cali Collection” with proven strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Sherbert and Sour Tangie.

With years of serving happy, bulk-buying customers behind them, Expert Seeds will be delighted to discuss your own needs. They are also experts in stealth shipping worldwide and for extra anonymity you can pay with bitcoin. And if you’re looking for more than 2,000 seeds, just get in touch: all Expert seeds are kept in optimal conditions, and none are left hanging around, so they’ll stock up for you.

There’s a clincher too. Right now, for every seed you buy in bulk, you’ll receive one free. That’s a pretty good deal, but the clincher is, they are the same seeds you ordered. No old, unsold strains. No over-crossed, weak hybrids. For example, you order 1,000 Gorilla x White Widow seeds, you get another 1,000 Gorilla x White Widow seeds free. Now an offer like that from a reputable supplier with top genetics is pretty appealing. 

The single most important key to success for a bulk grow is the quality of seed. Don’t fall into the superficially attractive trap of buying on price.

It’s a false economy. It will cost you later.

Do your research on the most appropriate strains for your particular environment.

Do your research with the customer. What does the dispensary want? 

Do ensure that you use an established, reputable supplier. Do ask them any questions you have. A quality supplier of quality genetics will be happy to help

Then, and only then, see what offers they have.

In summary, trust the Experts.