Grape Ape: The Greatest Indica Dominant Species Around

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Grape Ape is an absolutely delicious strain that has plenty to offer for novices and experts alike. Grape is the dominant flavour, but you will also be able to detect elements of frosted candy and sugar, and possibly even hints of maple. Intrigued?

As well as tasting and smelling amazing, Grape Ape’s effects are undeniably impressive. Think of a mood-boosting high blended with feelings of relaxation and periods of focussed, creative energy, and you will have conjured up something like Grape Ape’s potent magic.

This full-bodied Indica is the result of crossing Skunk, Mendocino Purps, and Original Afghani; an intriguing heritage for those in the know. Grape Ape is also a beautiful plant; covered with pleasingly dense buds covered with dark purple leaves, which become progressively darker as the flowers mature. Grape Ape produces reasonable quantities of sticky resin – ideal for making hash – which emits a pungent fruity smell.

However, despite these sweet, fruity qualities, Grape Ape is a hard-hitter with approximately 18-21% THC. This means that you can enjoy a high as memorable as the taste, in terms of cerebral and bodily effects.

How to grow Grape Ape?
At Weedseedsexpress, we class Grape Ape as a medium-difficulty strain, mainly due to its Indica characteristics. It tends to grow outwards with heavy side-growing branches which can prove a challenge to keep under control.

However, Grape Ape is otherwise a dream to grow. You can raise her outdoors in the northern hemisphere, and her high levels of resistance to insects and disease mean that a successful crop is likely with minimal maintenance once she is underway.

If you intend to grow Grape Ape inside, you should find her relatively easy to cultivate as long as you have some basic pruning skills or have researched a training method such as ScroG or SoG.

Don’t worry about running out of room – in true Indica style; these plants rarely grow more than four feet tall. Besides, you can always trim the wider leaves at the top of the plant to let light reach the bottom half of the plant.

Grape Ape takes 7 to 8 weeks to reach harvest when grown indoors and produces a sturdy yield of 700 to 800 gr/ sqm. Grown outdoors, Grape Ape will be ready for harvest by the end of September to mid-October and with a maximum yield of 750 – 900 grams per plant.

Taste and effect
The high of this Indica-dominant hybrid is intriguing, to say the least. While many claim that it will leave them utterly couch-locked for the evening, others experience a tranquil and clear-headed high. See for yourself, is our advice, but go easy unless you don’t mind being glued to the sofa for several hours!

Most people don’t find Grape Ape too overwhelming, but you would be wise not to underestimate the strength of its high. It is frequently described as full-bodied, leaving both body and soul chilled and spaced. It’s the perfect weed for an evening smoke and is especially useful for those who have insomnia.

Oh yes – another thing we adore about Grape Ape is the enchanting aroma that is reminiscent of berries and candy, as well as grape. You will love it if you are a fan of sweet varieties.

With an almost sickly sweet flavour, you won’t need much to feel satisfied. This is great because a little of Grape Ape can go a long way when it comes to its high, too!

Side effects
Grape Ape in strong doses can result in disorientation. Take care if you are a novice user and stop using if you experience any unpleasant side effects.

The smoke from Grape Ape can be slightly acrid and can cause a temporary sore throat. We recommended having plenty of fluids to hand as this weed is also associated with cottonmouth and dry eyes, in common with most strains of marijuana.

Keeping the windows open to improve ventilation is another good way of counteracting these annoying side effects.

Medical benefits
Grape Ape is a highly sought after strain for a number of conditions thanks to its significant analgesic properties. Many professional athletes use Grape Ape after an intense workout to relax their muscles and relieve soreness.

Grape Ape can also be used to treat depression, anxiety or even PTSD. Any condition which can be helped by improving relaxation and increasing calm can be enhanced with the help of this lovely strain.

Final thoughts on the Grape Ape strain
A soothing and unwinding nighttime strain, you will love settling down with a movie with some friends and breaking open a bag of Grape Ape. It is a mellow, chilled experience not to be missed. The Grape Ape Seeds are certainly one of the finest Indica-dominant species that you should definitely consider adding to your collection for your next culture.