Green Crack: Fruity, Energetic & Joyful


Green Crack is one of the most popular strains of weed, descended from Skunk #1 and a mysterious Indica. Over the last decade it has won a Cannabis Cup prize and in 2017 Rolling Stone named it one of the best strains of the year, describing it as the cannabis equivalent of a strong cup of espresso.

Green Crack seeds will grow into a Sativa-dominant hybrid that offers a surprisingly strong head buzz. This variety gives an acute, energizing cerebral effect that allows you to accomplish what needs to be done with a concentrated but relaxed head. Let’s look more closely at this intriguing strain.

Green Crack produces tight, dense buds covered in bright orange hairs. Its leaves are lime green and sometimes yellow. Occasionally, the leaves may be striped with purples if exposed to cold during the growth phase. The rust-coloured pistils are an attractive contrast to the leaves.

Eventually, the leaves, buds and the entire structure of the plant become covered with sticky white trichomes that give the plant a crystalline appearance. If left to its own devices, Green Crack grows into a tall plant, typical of Sativa-dominant varieties.

How To Grow Green Crack
Green Crack is an easy strain to grow and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors.

Although it is a Sativa-dominant strain, its Indica elements keep its height manageable. Grown indoors, it thrives at temperatures of 70 to 90 degrees and it is possible to achieve more than one harvest in a year, thanks to its rapid flowering time, although topping is advisable to control the height and allow light to access the lower branches.

If you plan to grow Green Crack outside, you will have more chances of success if you live somewhere with a hot, dry climate. Harvest is usually about the end of September for potent yields. In theory, you could leave it until the middle of October, but keep checking the pistils, as leaving it too long will reduce the potency of the crop.

As with all types of marijuana, getting the right nutrients at the right time is very important. The most essential are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. More nitrogen is required during the vegetative phase. It is worth being aware that Green Crack varies from the majority of other cannabis strains just before the start of the flowering phase as it needs higher levels of phosphorus. This sounds tricky, but time it right and your efforts will be rewarded with gigantic buds, closely packed together!

Green Crack grows tall and fast before it starts to flower. Have your scissors in hand, because you want to be ready for buds that ripen quickly over a short period of flowering. Green Crack does well outdoors in healthy soils with lots of room for root development.

Ventilation is very important as this strain is susceptible to mould. Watch out for signs of pernicious grey mould, in particular, which, if it takes hold, can quickly destroy every part of your precious plants. To reduce the chance of grey mould, ensure that humidity levels aren’t too high, airflow is good, and that the temperature is nice and warm.

Another tip for Green Crack is to avoid overwatering, which can cause root disease and place stress on the plants leading to reduced yields and reduced potency. Inexperienced growers are sometimes confused with overwatering and underwatering as the symptoms are identical – drooping leaves. If you are unsure, the best way is to poke the soil with your hands. If it is damp about an inch into the soil, there is no need to water. If it is dry and loose, your plants will be thirsty and need a drink.

Green Crack, although quite a forgiving plant for novice growers, is quite fussy about the type of water it prefers. We recommend using filtered water with a balanced pH level. This is because tap water in some areas of the country contains chlorine which can be harmful in large amounts. And if you live in an area of hard water, the build-up of minerals can also cause problems, most commonly too much sodium.

Green Crack is known for its reliably good harvests. You can look forward to harvesting these dense buds covered with light green and purple crystal after only 7 to 8 weeks of flowering.

If everything has gone to plan, you can expect yields of 46 grammes per square foot when grown outdoors; indoors – the average yields are slightly less with average yields of 44 grammes per square foot.

Taste & Effect
When properly dried and cured, Green Crack’s aroma is skunky, woody, and citrusy with undernotes of mango. You may also detect hints of pepper coming through.

Green Crack delivers a good daytime high, a nice mellow buzz that allows you to function all day. You may feel really energetic – users report feeling as if they’ve drunk a dozen energy drinks! Smoking Green Crack is likely to induce feelings of positivity, happiness, warmth, energy and confidence. If you struggle with depression, this joyful strain can really make the day go by easier!

Side Effects
Watch out as this strain can have psychedelic, trippy properties which can take users by surprise if they are not expecting it – and can affect their perception of time – so make sure you don’t have any important appointments to keep before smoking it!

Other commonly reported side effects include dry eyes and mouth, along with anxiety and paranoia. It’s important to remember that all weed has the potential to have enormously different effects on individuals, although most are mild and harmless. If you experience a negative side effect when smoking Green Crack, the best thing is to stop and then try something else after a while. Seem medical advice if the side effects continue.

Medical Benefits
Its medical benefits have long been known, thanks to its high THC content which can be as much as 25 percent. In Canada, Green Crack is legally sold under the names ‘Rise’ and ‘Green Kush’. Snoop Dogg allegedly gave the strain its name – it was initially called Kush until Snoop tried it, found it incredibly ‘more-ish’ and named it Green Crack. Some people find this name unappealing because of its associations with the Class A drug and prefer to call it Green Kush instead.

Green Crack helps with fatigue, stress and depression, and its energy inducing properties make it ideal for people with fibromyalgia, ME and many other long-term chronic conditions.

Green Crack is also great for treating a lack of appetite, perhaps after a course of chemotherapy. Perfect during the day to provide energy and get you through your chores.

It’s clear to see why Green Crack is such a popular Sativa-dominant strain. Its characteristic lime green colour and citrus scent make it easily recognizable. Loved as a daytime smoke because of its invigorating effects, Green Crack is ideal for fighting fatigue and stress while inspiring creativity. Green Crack is also unusual in its strength – a little tends to go a very long way even for seasoned smokers!