How Cannabis Legalization Has Changed Consumption Habits


As medical cannabis began being legalized in the late 1990s and early 2000s, a new industry was born. It changed the perception of cannabis and allowed for the legalization of recreational cannabis.

While previously, the typical cannabis consumer would be categorized as a young 18 to 34 year old risk-taker looking to live life to the fullest, legalization saw a more conservative experimenter attracted to the cannabis market. Typically, one with graduate education and a higher disposable income. The increase in cannabis consumers also saw the frequency of purchases and the amount consumers were willing to spend go up significantly.

This was good news for the growing cannabis industry, which saw plenty of opportunities to expand. It wasn’t just cannabis growers, distributors and bud shops that benefited: a whole range of supporting industries from grow suppliers, marketing, financial and legal services, as well as the cannabis paraphernalia industries grew.

Traditionally if you wanted to consume cannabis, you’d roll a joint, pack a bong bowl or maybe bake some tasty brownies. Now there’s a massive range of vaporizers, enails, and electric rigs all vying for your attention and offering a newer way to enjoy your cannabis experience.

Lookah is a brand many may recognize from their stunning glass bongs and dab rigs, which feature unique and artistic designs. This established glass company saw these opportunities and moved to capture a part of this fast-growing market by branching into manufacturing and selling vaporizers for cannabis wax, CBD oils and dry herb.

In 2019 the company introduced a flurry of wax and concentrate devices: a revolutionary enail called the Q7 gained them much recognition. This type of pocket-size portable enail changed the game for dabbing on the go with its sleek design, wide temperature range and good battery life. Today there are many portable enails with sleek and sexy designs which boast many advantages over the cumbersome enail devices needing mains power.

Being a manufacturer and a seller, Lookah had greater control over its product design and manufacturing process. They opted for quartz atomizers, which provide a pure taste from their vaping and dabbing products.

The Seahorse
Another quartz star was the award-winning dab pen, the Seahorse. This wax vape pen gained lots of attention as an electric nectar collector with a difference. Its use of 510 thread dab tips allowed them to be swapped out for standard CBD vape cartridges. This dab pen can even be hooked up to a water pipe to better cool and filter dabs, making it a multi-use device.

The Seahorse Pro came in the summer of 2020 and improved on the original dab pen propelling the company to new highs in the cannabis vape market as sales soared to 200,000+ in the first few months alone.

The Unicorn
Keeping the momentum going in the quest to deliver ever better products for cannabis enthusiasts, November saw Lookah launch a new electric dab rig called the Unicorn. Its revolutionary design places a quartz coil at the center with twin vapor pathways direct to a hand-blown glass percolator. A revolutionary magnetic connection means loading dabs is effortless and protects the atomizer from external damage.

The Seahorse Max
Lookah is currently gearing up for the third installment of the Seahorse vape pen, the Seahorse Max, which they hope to launch in time for Christmas. If the Lookah Seahorse Pro dab pen and the new Unicorn e-rig were to have a love child, you’d imagine it to be something like this.

It builds on the Seahorse Pro’s patented technology but uses a larger body capable of supporting a glass percolator. The same glass percolator as you’ll find on the Unicorn. This glass bubbler adds an extra level of filtration to cool your dab vapes, letting you take bigger and deeper hits.

If you’re all about getting the most terpenes and flavonoids from your concentrates, then these two products are ideal. If you’re looking to please a cannabis lover with a gift they’re sure to enjoy this holiday season, then one of these new dab rigs from Lookah could be what you’re after.