Mile High Cleaner – Taking Bong Cleaning To The Next Level

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Mile High Cleaner is setting a whole new standard in bong cleaning for ease, cost and environmental credentials

These days, general, household cleaning has been made easier – we make scrubbers, brushes and detergents to clean everything.

Everything that is, apart from cannabis resin.

For resin we don’t using brushes or tools and resort to shaking toxic chemicals. In fact, it’s such a distasteful job that many will clean the toilet more often than the bong they inhale from.

Isopropyl Alcohol is the standard for cleaning any cannabis resin, trim scissors and bongs. At $2.50 per bottle, ISO seems cheap but may require 1/5th of a bottle to clean a single bong using the shake and wait method with salt. That’s about $.50 cents per cleaning and a lot of time and energy.

In the world of all cleaners, (not just bong cleaners), that makes ISO by far the most expensive cleaner you own and is second only to actual retail, over the counter bong cleaners which work the same way as ISO – shaking and waiting – but are over $2 per cleaning! Who can afford that?

Is ISO the best method of cleaning your bong? Is it the cheapest? Is it the most efficient? Is it good for the environment? Is it good for you?

General cleaning has evolved over the years to give you 30 to 1000’s of cleanings per bottle, costs pennies per use, cleans fast with virtually no waiting or shaking, and products are used with tools made to get the job done fast. Many of course are also produced with the environment in mind.

Meanwhile, the use of Isopropyl Alcohol has not changed since the first hippie used it to clean a bong 80 years ago.

Shaking ISO and salt can take anywhere from 10 minutes to forever – and still get poor results. We all have found resin clinging inside the piece after the ‘cleaning’ or had a ‘funny taste’ to the first hit or felt woozy after getting a whiff of ISO.

“Fumes may be toxic” it says on the ISO label.

We can do better than shaking a toxic chemical solvent made from fossil fuels.

According to Wikipedia, ISO was introduced for sale by the Standard Oil company in 1920.

Yes, ISO is made from fossil fuels! That is why ISO is as cheap as gasoline: they were made in the same refinery from the same crude oil.

Aren’t we trying to reduce the use of fossil fuels? This means ISO is not sustainable or renewable. There is much more information on ISO, but I hope this is sufficient evidence to be open to a different way.

It’s time for a change.

The change is here. It’s called Mile High Cleaner.

Mile High Cleaner

Mile High Cleaner is an organic, odorless, and sustainable cleaner that:

  • Works better
  • Costs less
  • Is so safe you could drink it
  • Won Sustainable Cleaner of the Year 2021
  • Won Best Bong Cleaner 2020

MHC works in a whole new way. It bonds to the resin, changing it on a molecular level, so it is not sticky and is easily wiped or washed away. This is not a toxic solvent, but a fundamental plant-based change in the resin, so it cleans up like any other mess.

MHC is the most effective cleaner ever for resin, and we paired it with all the tools and techniques to clean pipes, bongs, rigs, and even percolated pieces. The Deluxe Cleaning Kit is for all cannabis paraphernalia and cleans any surface including glass, metal, plastic and even paint.                          

This 6 year old ‘daily toker’ cleaned fast, cheap, and easy with 30 drops of Mile High Cleaner. These are shots of the same bong over 2 minutes

Coat the warm resin.

Scrub using brushes or The Canna Mag magnetic scrubber. It is the most powerful magnetic scrubber made. Comes with Mini Scrubbing Shuttle for tight bongs and percolators – all the tools to clean virtually any piece.

Look closely and you can see the water and the micro flaws in the glass but not a spec of resin.

Mile High Cleaner gives you 50 cleanings per bottle by using the right tools, scrubbers and techniques to clean any piece. Our natural, plant-based formula kills germs yet is so safe you can drink it!

Mile High Cleaner is a sustainable, organic, odorless bong cleaner that is amazingly effective and about half the price of ISO per use, causes zero environmental damage and is totally safe. Now you can clean daily, like doing the dishes!

MHC is not only the winner of Best Bong Cleaner and Sustainable Cleaner of the Year, it is also Private Labeled by 11 companies. They didn’t just love it, they put their name on it!

Get the Mile High Cleaner Deluxe Cleaning Kit with our best deal ever – a bottle of cleaner with all our tools for 20% off with code 420MAG. It comes with free US shipping, plus a lifetime tool replacement warranty on all the tools in the Deluxe Kit.

Get a fresh, clean hit every day with Mile High Cleaner.