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At MJ Wholesale, we offer custom printing services for your cannabis packaging needs. We can print your logos, messages, and images in various shapes and sizes on high-quality, durable stickers that are perfect for use on bags, jars, pop tops, and more. Our stickers come in circles, squares, and rectangles, making it easy to find the right size and shape for your packaging needs.

MJ Wholesale

With MJ Wholesale, you can add valuable branding to your marijuana packaging. We provide affordable custom stickers that are available in a range of dimensions, from 1″ squares to 4″x2″ rectangles, and everything in between. Our stickers are made and printed in America, and we offer a simple three-step process to get your custom printed stickers: upload your artwork, approve the proof, and stick them up!

We take care of your pre-roll packaging needs too. With our top-quality American-made pre-roll tubes, you can order in bulk quantities and choose from black, clear, green, white, silver, and gold colors.

 We also offer custom label printing and application services for these tubes, using our ‘Print, Supply, and Apply’ process to automate the branding process and provide a professional, neat finish. Avoid the mess and glitches of manual labor with our automated process. We can help you choose the right type, size, and shape of stickers for your packaging needs, and our machines ensure that your labels are applied perfectly every time. Order from us today and let us customize your marijuana packaging for your brand!

You can have your logos, message and images custom printed in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit many different products! Baggies, Jars, Pop Tops, and more! We print vibrant color on high gloss, high quality and very durable stickers. These come in various shapes and sizes including; circles , squares and rectangles, to suit your packaging needs.

Get custom printed stickers and add valuable branding to your marijuana packaging. Whether you are selling dry herb, concentrates, or edibles, each package will imprint your brand in your customers’ minds.

MJ Wholesale

MJ Wholesale prints high quality custom stickers at affordable prices. Ranging from circles to squares and rectangles, MJ Wholesale stickers are available in various dimensions like: 3″ square, 4″x2″ rectangle, 1.25″ square, 1″ square, and 1.375″ diameter circles and so much more! Made and Printed in America, MJ Wholesale custom prints stickers for all types of mylar bags, pop tops, blunt tubes, Qube jars, glass jars, lids, and bottoms. Get custom printed stickers for your cannabis packaging with three simple steps. Upload, approve, and stick them up!

Simply call us and tell us your custom packaging requirements. We will advise what type and size of stickers will suit your packaging needs. MJ Wholesale helps you pick custom stickers‘ style, size, and shape. You send us your graphics or artwork via a digital file, and we show you a proof of how it will look. Once you approve the proof, we print the required stickers and deliver them to your doorstep! Ta-Dah! Your marijuana packaging is now customized for your brand!

We offer the best pre-roll tubes for your product, but that’s not all. We can print custom labels for you and also apply them to the tubes you choose. With our ‘Print, Supply and Apply’ process, we deliver ready-to-use pre-roll tubes to your doorstep! 

With just one step towards automation, you can avoid the glitches and mess caused by manual labor. Manual application is not only expensive and tedious but also time-consuming. Many times, the labels are not applied thoroughly, resulting in them peeling off quickly. If not applied carefully there could also be visible slanted edges and they might sometimes overlap.

MJ Wholesale

At MJ Wholesale, we automate the entire process of pre-roll tube branding with our machines. You can order top-quality 116 mm American Made Joint tubes in bulk quantities from MJ Wholesale. We have these tubes available in black, clear, green, white, silver, and gold colors. You can buy quantities from 950 to 38,000 in each color. If you want smaller tubes, you can also purchase the 78 mm joint tubes from us – available in black, clear, and white colors, each available in bulk quantities between 500 to 5000. Next, we create the labels as per your design and print them out according to the number of joint tubes ordered. Lastly, we apply these labels perfectly on the joint tubes giving them a professional and neat look, ready to ship them to you! 

Don’t wait and let us print your stickers TODAY!


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