Top 5 Marijuana Packaging Trends: Why Follow Them?

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Top 5 Marijuana Packaging Trends: Why should you follow them?

It is tough to predict what could happen next in cannabis packaging with its ever-evolving policies and regulations. You already know that your marijuana packaging needs to fulfill the State guidelines. However, it is equally crucial to keep up with the trends in the marijuana packaging industry to stay ahead of competitors and cater to a broader customer base.

Here are the top 5 marijuana packaging trends you can follow to level up your marijuana packaging and catch your customers’ attention.

1. Sustainable Packaging
Sustainability is not just a trend but also the need of the hour. Every industry is adhering to sustainable solutions to address the global problem of climate change. Customers, too, prefer eco-friendly products and packaging.

There are several ways to take a step towards sustainability. As a marijuana business owner, it would be best to choose packaging that is biodegradable and free of harmful chemicals. You can also use recyclable packaging that doesn’t need to be disposed of and can be reused or recycled. To reduce your carbon footprint, shop locally and source your raw material from America.

2. Compliant Packaging
Marijuana business owners need to stay on top of the regulations and policies introduced by their State. Marijuana regulations are subjected to constant revision, and it is crucial to opt for a packaging solution that would check all boxes.

The safety of children is one of the prime concerns that govern marijuana packaging regulations. Child-resistant cannabis bags or containers should be a priority for dispensaries, head shops, and smoke shops. Some States require the packaging to be opaque as well.

Order a bulk lot of child-resistant cannabis containers depending on the rules laid out by your State. This ensures you have compliant packaging and reduces your cost due to wholesale pricing. MJ Wholesale has a range of child-resistant cannabis packaging that you can buy at wholesale rates.

3. Customizable Packaging
Gone are the days of one box fits all. It’s the era of customizability and personalization. Make your product stand out on shelves with custom packaging. Customize your packaging according to your brand’s vibe and catch your customers’ eye.

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You can use glass jars, joint tubes, pop-top vials, and mylar bags, among other packaging for your product. And personalize it very quickly with a custom label. Custom packaging not only boosts brand awareness but also gives your product a spectacular appearance.

Give your products a premium look with eye-catching graphic design for your brand. MJ Wholesale offers a range of packaging solutions for cannabis. We also offer custom labels in different shapes, sizes, and quantities. If you need a label application on your packaging, we can do that too for you.

4. Minimalistic Packaging
As the marijuana industry thrives, the consumer market is bombarded with ads and marketing campaigns. In the past, brands used flashy logos and colors to get attention, which can overwhelm consumers. Excessive packaging elements and over-the-top packaging can confuse them.

Especially if you are targeting an elite crowd, keeping your packaging simple and minimalistic would be wise. Avoid the clutter and keep things to the point to give a fresh look to your product packaging. This approach makes the packaging look cleaner and reduces the materials needed without compromising quality.

5. Novel & Bold Designs
Adopting minimalistic packaging doesn’t mean your design has to be boring. There is always enough room for innovation and novelty in the design. You can use artwork or messages that reflect your brand philosophy or vision. Mixing bold and contemporary ideas will create a great packaging design for you.

Advantages Of Following The Marijuana Packaging Trends

1. More Visibility
There are several competitor products besides yours on a store shelf. It isn’t easy to catch the eye of your customers within a few seconds. However, you can instantly get your customers’ attention with unique packaging. Following marijuana packaging trends like bold, novel designs and customization can boost the visibility of your product on store shelves and ensure it stands out.

2. Increased Brand Awareness
When your packaging design is created thoughtfully with your brand’s logos, message, story, and values, it becomes instantly recognizable. Utilizing customized packaging that syncs with your brand can boost your brand identity.

3. Social Responsibility
As customers become more environmentally conscious, brands try to adopt the same practices. You carry out your corporate social responsibility when you opt for sustainable packaging. You can set an example in the industry with eco-friendly packaging, practices, and designs to create your packaging.

4. Lends A Premium Look
Customers will always choose a product in well-labeled packaging that displays the brand name or logo over a product in loose plastic baggies. Loose and unlabeled packaging may seem unreliable, unsafe, and non-impressive. Following marijuana packaging trends encouraging creative and novel designs, will instantly give your product a premium look.

5. Ensures Protection Of Contents
Marijuana may lose its potency when outside elements like air, moisture, dust, and sunlight come in contact with it. However, when you follow the State guidelines and regulations, you cannot go wrong with your packaging. With compliant packaging, you ensure your contents are protected and will stay fresh for a long time.

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For example, Some states mention that marijuana packaging should be opaque. Opaque packaging protects the contents from outside elements. It also serves as a discreet packaging option. Your opaque mylar bags can also be personalized by using custom labels.

Ending Note
Cannabis legalization is rising in America, expanding the market and consumer base for marijuana. Now is the time to switch from monotonous packaging and embrace the top 5 marijuana packaging trends of minimalism, customization, compliance, sustainability and bold designs.

Adapt to the packaging trends and let your creativity flow. Prioritize compliant, air-tight, handy packaging, but don’t neglect its design. Whether selling concentrates, cannabis-infused edibles, or flower, you can level up your packaging with MJ Wholesale.