Why Photontek X 600w Pro Is The Best LED Grow Light For Your Grow Rooms


The Photontek X 600w Pro is a beautiful, well-designed LED grow light fixture, with top-of-the-line components and quality construction.

The elegant multi-bar, linear design of this 600w LED grow light fixture has the industry leading performance producing a total PPF output of 1620 µmol/s and a photon efficacy (fixture efficiency) of 2.7 µmol/J.

All of this has given excellent results when applied in indoor multi-layer cultivation systems, grow rooms and tents.

The Photontek X 600w Pro LED grow light fixture is designed for a 5’ x 5’ space and creates a homogeneous light spread at close distance from the crop canopy, resulting in outstanding results when used in indoor multi-layer cultivation systems, grow rooms and tents.

Photontek creates the ultimate coverage of light for the entire plant growth cycle, making the Photontek x600w Pro LED grow light fixture the smartest option for a higher and faster return on investment, on top of all this.

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What are the stunning features of this 600w LED grow light fixture?
Photontek is a pioneer of the revolutionary activ-adapt, magnetic LED light bar technology, for the ultimate modular design. Only the highest-grade materials and components are used in Photontek’s LED fixtures.

The Photontek X 600w Pro features include 6 removable LED bars in an array. Designed with both vegetative and flowering growth periods in mind and the LED may be dimmed, allowing you to adjust PPFD levels produced without losing efficiency.

Each 100-watt LED bar clicks into the chassis with a magnet. It is a user friendly, quick to assemble and clever design. You can run the fixture with anywhere from 1 to all 6 bars. Great for grows that start small and then expand into the grow space. As the plants grow out you can add more bars to cover them.

The Photontek X 600w Pro features top bin Osram and Lumileds Philips diodes, with the highest efficiency ratings. The diodes are IP65 dust and waterproof.

This 600w LED grow light fixture can be externally controlled with a Photontek Digital Lighting Controller featuring light timing, automated dimming, temperature safety control, sunrise & sunset mode for up to 100 fixtures per controller.

Photontek is the sister company of Lumatek, with a long and outstanding track record in the grow light industry and the Photontek X 600W Pro LED is sold in Europe as the Zeus 600W Pro LED. Photontek is bringing the technology and designs to the US and Canadian grower community.

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Photontek X 600w Pro LED Key Specifications
Get to know Photontek X 600w Pro LED Key Specifications:
• Efficacy: 2.7 µmol/J
• PPF: 1620 µmol/s
• Input Voltage: 120-270V
• Driver: 600W 120V-277V with Twist Lock capability
• Power Consumption: 600W
• Coverage Area: 4’ x 4’ – 5’ x 5’
• Waterproof: IP65
• Lifetime: 60 000 Hrs
• Light Distribution: 120°
• Light Source: Osram & Lumileds Diodes
• Dimmable: OFF-25%-50%-75%-100% with 0-10V Light Dimmer (Included)
• External Control: With P-TEK Digital Controller
• Weight: 29.76 Lbs
• Dimensions: 42.95’’ x 46.55’’ x 2.04’’
• Spectrum: Full Spectrum
• BTU (With Driver Attached): 2115 BTUs/h
• BTU (With Driver Remote): 2047 BTUs/h

Photontek X 600w Pro LED Features
Get to know Photontek X 600w Pro LED Features:
• Highest Market Fixture Efficacy 2.7 µmol/J
• High PPF output for high intensity 1620 µmol/s
• Lowest $/µmol
• World Class Diodes & Drivers
• Optimized Full-Spectrum
• Detachable Driver
• Fully Dimmable
• External Control with P-TEK Digital Controller
• Interchangeable Magnet LED Bars
• User Friendly & Easy Set-Up
• 5 Year Warranty

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