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Please join us in thanking Best Grow Lights for their continued support.

They offer Greenhouse / Indoor gardening supplies which include plant grow lights, grow light reflectors, hydroponics systems and supplies, grow light bulbs, greenhouse environmental controls, complete turn-key hydro / lighting systems, HID, electronic and LED ballasts and lighting systems, fertilizers and plant supplements, plant pest and disease control, hydroponic gardening books and DVDs, reflective films, pH/EC//TDS and nutrient testing equipment, potting soil and hydroponic growing media (many of which are organic and biodegradable), electric timers and much, much More! In fact, they have over 3000 products in all.


Best Grow Lights Sells to the World!
They Offer Free Shipping on Many (not all) Items Shipped to the Continental United States and Offer World Wide Credit Card processing and Discounted Shipping Costs outside of the U.S.

December Specials!
Free Pair of Light Lifters with Every Light System Purchase!!
(Ballast & Reflector) LLIF-001 Pair of Light Lifters > > $13.95 value

Contact Information:
Mailing Address:
Zephyr Services & Supply Corp.
PO Box 84
Mauk, GA. 31058-0084
Toll Free: 1-877-670-4769
9 am – 5 pm EST Mon – Fri
Fax: 229-649-3356