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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, BESTVA, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

Since 2008 Bestva LED has been a proud leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative high-power, high-yield, truly full-spectrum LED grow lights.

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As one of the oldest LED grow light manufacturers, BESTVA LED is responsible for many of the innovations that have made LEDs truly viable for replacing traditional grow lights. In 2010 they created the first LED plant light incorporating a full spectrum from UV to NIR, originally with 3W LEDs but now exclusively with high power 10W diodes, producing the most-powerful and high-yielding full-spectrum commercial grow lights

The new Elite series continues BESTVA’s tradition of quality with all-new, high-power and high-efficiency 10 watt LEDs incorporating the latest advancements in LED technology, an improved cooling system with quieter, high-efficiency fans and many other design improvements.

Elite combines multiple discrete color LEDs from industry-leading companies like Cree and Osram to create BESTVA’s updated, proprietary Elite Series Spectrum™, with over 10 years of proven results as the growers’ choice for the highest-rated indoor grow lighting, delivering yields, quality and efficiency unmatched in the indoor garden industry. 

BESTVA are always looking for feedback from customers, and invite you to contact them with any questions or even, if you’re in the area, to pop into their headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

BESTVA offer a 3-year-warranty period for all lights. Should you have any problems with the light during this period, they will repair it, ship spare parts or the new light for free.




5650 Grace Place Commerce
California 90022

Mobile: +86-181-0721-8969 
Wechat: tm619911720

Email: support@bestvaled.com


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