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420 Sponsor Cannabis Life

Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, Cannabis Life, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

Cannabis Life was created to bring a new level of trust and caring to the world of Delta-8 THC. Transform any day or any moment with a Delta-8 experience from Cannabis Life!

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The Delta-8 industry is not fully regulated, and as a result there are a lot of products out there that either don’t have the THC they promise on the label, or they have unhealthy levels of pesticides, solvents, microbials and other contaminants.

To Cannabis Life, that was just not acceptable. So they did something about it.

They have licensed compounding pharmacists on staff full-time who oversee all of their product development and manufacturing. They also have an external lab test for every product-batch for quality and purity to ensure everything is exactly how it should be.

As part of their commitment to transparency, every package has a QR code leading you to the results of the laboratory tests.

Anyone buying their products has access to the independent lab reports that verify the product has been tested for pesticides, heavy metals, solvents and more. These reports also verify that each product contains the expected amount of Delta-8 and other cannabinoids.

At the end of the day, their rigorous process creates gummies, oils, vapes, capsules and more that everyone can use with confidence.

Cannabis Life is made for regular people who just want great, high-quality products that can help them enjoy their down-time a little bit more. If you happen to be a cannabis expert who geeks out over rare hybrid strains and knows what terpenes and trichomes are, that’s great. But if you’ve never tried THC or haven’t since college, they have got you covered too. Everyone can enjoy their Delta-8 with complete confidence.

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Telephone: +1 (833) 462 8922

Email: support@cannabislife.com

Website: Cannabis Life

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