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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, DYNOMYCO, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

DYNOMYCO effectively inoculates plants with vigorous endomycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizae improve plant nutrient uptake, which translates to healthier, more resilient plants, higher quality, and higher yields!


Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic relationship between fungi and plants. The microscopic fungi latch onto plant roots and extend them in an underground web. This symbiosis helps the plant access nutrients and water that would otherwise be unavailable. 

DYNOMYCO is produced and developed in Israel, based on 30 years of scientific research that originated in the Volcani Center (ARO). The product was designed and formulated by a team of agronomists, biologists, chemists and soil and plant health scientists to help cannabis cultivators reach their plants’ full genetic potential in terms of yield, cannabinoid and terpene content. They understand mycorrhizal fungi and the great impact they have on cannabis plants, which are considered obligate mycotrophs.

With Israel at the helm of cannabis research, the DYNOMYCO team had the opportunity to test formulations on cannabis cultivars used to treat various diseases and ailments. After extensive research, their product was introduced to medical growers outside of Israel who experienced superior results. DYNOMYCO enables growers to increase yields without compromising on quality.

They promise that their lab will never compromise on quality. DYNOMYCO’s state-of-the-art lab has the highest standards of Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA). They produce all their fungi in-house and will never outsource the production of their inoculants. Each product is screened to verify that it contains the highest concentration of viable spores, hyphae and root fragments (known as a whole-inoculum).

Worried about how to use it? DYNOMYCO’s website also has an extensive product FAQ to help you realize a plant’s full potential in terms of health, yield, phytochemicals, cannabinoid, terpenes and flavonoid content.



27 Hashahar Street
Moshav Mazor
Israel, 7316000

USA +1-888-964-0685
Israel +972-77-502-0806

Email: info@dynomyco.com


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