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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Hygrozyme to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

Hygrozyme is North America’s number one selling enzyme formula. It’s made by Sipco, a privately owned Canadian company that started in 1974. They specialize in manufacturing and marketing enzyme-based solutions for the horticultural, medical and consumer markets.

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Hygrozyme is a powerful blend of concentrated, beneficial enzymes that work synergistically to ensure plants achieve their full genetic potential. It provides a cleaner root zone by accelerating the breakdown of dead root matter and unlocking essential nutrients for your plant.

The ingredients in Hygrozyme are specifically designed to work at their maximum strength in the optimal hydroponic pH and temperature range. It’s simple and easy to use and is suitable for both hydroponic and soil use, indoors or outdoors.

For maximum effect, Hygrozyme should be used in every growth stage – propagation, vegetation, and flowering.

For hydroponic growers, Hygrozyme helps prevents root rot by providing a cleaner, more vigorous root zone through accelerating the breakdown of dead roots, which would otherwise be a welcoming environment for root rot. It also improves drainage and aeration by removing organic matter in the growing media and stimulating microbial growth. Improved drainage and aeration means that chances of root rot are dramatically decreased.

Sipco’s website is choke-full of useful information, including a detailed breakdown of Hydrozyme’s ingredients, details about hydroponic growing and data about how enzymes actually work.

Hydrozyme comes with guaranteed results. So for enzymes which provide a cleaner root zone, accelerate breakdown of dead roots, is effective in all growing media & growth stages, compatible with all nutrient & supplement programs and manufactured in a facility whose quality management is certified ISO 9001, there’s only one product – Hydrozyme.

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7236 Wilson Ave.
Delta, BC
V4G 1H3 Canada

 1-800-565-3070 (toll free)

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Website: Hygrozyme

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