420 Sponsor: KillaBeez Seed Bank


Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, KillaBeez Seed Bank, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

KillaBeez thrive on being different. As a new, young seed bank, they are an industry disrupter, aiming to change the rules for the benefit of all those seeking quality seeds at great value.

KillaBeez carefully select all the cannabis seeds listed on their website. Their prices are more than fair, and they add plenty of free seeds to every single order regardless of size, including free stealth packaging for international orders.

And here’s where KillaBeez break a few rules of the sector. They offer an industry-disrupting 100% satisfaction promise which, they say, absolutely no other cannabis seedbank is brave enough to make. And what’s more, their bullet-proof guarantee protects your order – no matter what.

They have over 10,000 feminized seeds in their bank. And when you make an order, no matter what the size, you’ll receive well sought after, top name, high quality feminized seeds totally free.

Of course, no matter how well they do everything else, it would all be for naught if your seeds did not arrive. That’s why KillaBeez make a science out of stealth shipping. These are the stealth experts. And whilst we’re talking shipping, KillaBeez style themselves as a seed company without borders. They therefore offer expedited, fast, global shipping for all, wherever you are. If you’re in the UK, (where of course seeds are for collection purposes only), they’ll ensure next day delivery.

KillaBeez have the data to back up their claims too. 97% of orders are received on the following day and their bullet-proof guarantee covering your package no matter what ensures that 100% of international orders are safely received. They promise to answer any emails within 2 hours as well.

KillaBeez say that, to be frank, you’d be mad to buy your cannabis seeds anywhere else. Sounds like that might just be true.


PO Box 3418
BS139 JD

Telephone: 0117-439-0112

Email: hi@killabeez-seedbank.co.uk

Website: KillaBeez Seed Bank

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