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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, MSNL, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

Originally founded in 1999, MSNL started life when two friends started growing seeds from strains they acquired over a decade of smoking, traveling and trading across Europe and Australia.

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Christian and Ben knew straight away that there was much more to cannabis than the standard grass and hash resin that seemed available in most areas.

Within three years they had built up a collection of over 40 different genetic lines, some Landrace strains, some F1’s and 10 of their own creation. These included White Widow Max, White LSD and THC Snow, which are still classed as some of the best high strength – high yield varieties of cannabis available worldwide. With this catalogue, MSNL, the first true online seedbank, was born.

MSNL’s products are of impeccable quality. Their founder was a passionate geneticist with decades of experience, and this is brought to life in every single one of their products. Through rigorous testing, comprehensive research, and masterful intuition, they know for a fact that their range is of the highest pedigree, and will never, ever disappoint.

MSNL are proud to offer the most cutting-edge discretion in the business. Customers get what they’ve paid for, with one of the highest delivery success rates there is. Coupled with cleverly discrete billing, they know that their customers’ identities are safe at every stage of their journey. Plus, MSNL offer same-day dispatch and guaranteed delivery for maximum reassurance.

MSNL’s pioneering breeders and producers have spent years travelling the world to find the best strains for their customers. Coupled with rigorous testing procedures, that means they offer some of the strongest, most reliable, and consistently stable strains around. They also trust the unique intuition of our breeders, and as such, they avoid fads and ‘the next big thing’. And having spent the best part of two decades ensuring that their breeding process is as streamlined and efficient as it can be, for the customer this means they can keep prices low without sacrificing quality or service.

MSNL: The original seed bank since 1999.

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Registered Office:
27 Old Gloucester Street
London, WC1N 3AX

UK: 0203-733-2498
International: +44(0)-790-931-6916

Email: Via Website

Website: MSNL

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