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We are pleased to announce that WeedSeedsExpress are 420 Magazine’s Sponsor Of The Month!

WeedSeedsExpress is a reputable Dutch seed bank delivering high quality marijuana seeds at an affordable price, fast and securely using discreet shipping methods.

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The foundations of WeedSeedsExpress were laid in 2005 because of a shared friendship and passion for cannabis. In those days Roger, Frank and David were a group of enthusiasts growing for themselves, sharing information about the cultivation process and trying to impress friends with totally new genetics and strains no one ever heard of before. They decided to make use of their connections, knowledge and experience in a different way. By sharing it with the world via WeedSeedExpress.

Today their company, based in beautiful Haarlem, one of the oldest cannabis centers in the world, delivers high grade and affordable cannabis seeds worldwide, fast and securely, to everybody who is as passionate about growing and cultivation as they are.

This is a business based on trust.

During their years as active growers the founders purchased seeds online many times. Their less happy experiences has inspired them to do what they always hoped for but rarely experienced: to provide excellent customer service and great genetics.

WeedSeedExpress also offer some amazing and reassuring guarantees.

High grade quality cannabis seeds. Weedseedsexpress vouch for every seed they offer. Feminized, autoflowers and regular seeds at affordable prices. All fresh, organic and tested by their network with best breeders.

Extra seeds. Although their germination rate is a claimed 90% plus, they always add 10% extra seeds your order to make sure you can grow 100%.

Fast Delivery. The fresher the seeds, the better. Besides, most people want their ordered products as soon as possible, and that is what they aim for.

Instant updates. Once you have placed an order with them, they will keep you informed on every step and everything concerning your order until it arrives.

Stealth Shipping. As marijuana seeds are a delicate matter for some countries, they know the importance of discreteness. WSE have incorporated some nifty stealth tactics in our shipping if required.

Awesome customer support. In need of assistance with ordering, you want some advice on a particular strain or you want information about your order? WSE are there to help. Their support desk is at your service.

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PO Box 5445
2000GK Haarlem
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 23 30 20 309



For 420 Magazine to continue offering our free service we rely on like-minded sponsors such as WeedSeedsExpress , to whom we are truly grateful. Please support our Mission by supporting them. Our sponsors make 420 Magazine possible.

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