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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, Plagron, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

What started in 1992 with a small worm farm now is a leading international company that sells organic and high-quality products worldwide.

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Plagron products have been on the market for over 25 years. Today they at the top of the market, with a wide range of substrates, fertilisers, additives and nutrients in their product range.

Plagron is for everyone, from novice growers to experts. Whether it comes to the best substrates, fertilisers or good advice, you can contact them. They are constantly working on assuring you of the best cultivation performance. Plagron strive to be the brand which is recommended and used by growers to achieve the very best results. 

Plagron have products for every style of growing, whether it’s soil, soilless or hydro.

Their substrates come in fertilized and unfertilized forms. And within these options, you have plenty of choice. Looking to maximise taste and flavour of your crop? Plagron’s Batmix contains various types of fibre and perlite which results in a lightness and oxygen level you have come to expect only of Plagron quality substrates. The abundant presence of unique Plagron worm castings ensures vigorous plant growth and increased water retention. The main nutrient in Batmix is bat manure (Bat Guano). Bat manure is naturally rich in phosphorus and potassium, guaranteeing abundant flowering. 

Or perhaps you want to prioritise yield. Plagron’s Royalmix is a mix of the finest, carefully selected types of peat. The abundant presence of unique Plagron worm castings ensures vigorous plant growth and increased water retention. Royalmix contains a carefully selected combination of organic fertilisers which meet all the plant’s nutritional requirements. These Plagron fertilisers are unique because they are only released exactly when the plant needs them.

Thanks to its ideal structure Plagron Cocos Premium is the perfect basic substrate. Cocos Premium is fully buffered with a stable pH value. It is particularly suitable for fast growing plants. Cocos Premium meets the most stringent quality standards and does not contain any fertilisers. It can be re-used as a soil improver.

Using a recirculating system? Euro Pebbles is a high-quality inert hydroponic substrate. The material is based on pure, salt-free clay that is baked in an open oven to produce the characteristic irregular granules. Euro Pebbles has a broad range of applications because the user can determine the nutritional value.

Plagron also have a range of nutrients for soil and hydro, and a wide range of quality additives to answer your every need.

On their website, the Plagron Product Selector helps you to make a choice of substrate in a few simple steps. Each substrate is linked to one of the four grow styles of Plagron: 100% natural, 100% terra (for growing on peat) and 100% coco and 100% hydro (for growing hydroponic). After you’ve made your product choice, download the grow schedule for advised basic nutrients and additives for the best results of your grow. Why wait? Check out Plagron now for the very best results.

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PO Box 10188
6000 GD Weert, The Netherlands

Telephone: +31(0) 495 631 559

Email: servicedesk@plagron.com

Website: Plagron

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