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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, Rositek, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

Rositek are a dedicated manufacturer of premium presses. There is no finer testimony to their knowledge and engineering excellence than the words of the Rositek founder.

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Like all innovative engineers, Rositek’s founder went through a long trial and error process to get his press exactly right. This is his story.

“Whenever I think of the DIY rosin press that I made in 2014, it’s unbearable to look back. Sometimes I would waste a whole day in solventless extraction and end up with nothing. I forget how many prototypes I made. To this day, most of them are lying in my barn.

“Rosin extraction combines heat and pressure. These two dimensions are the important criteria for choosing a press.

“I began with a manual press. It is cheap and easy to use. However, it can only press 3.5-5g of flower or hash. The quality is excellent, but the yield is low.

“In recent years I have turned my attention to vertical and hydraulic jacks. They are easy to operate and the pressure delivered is of course much higher than manual versions. However, other challenges arose. The pressure delivered require a strong frame to deliver quality resin time after time.

“Most jacks rely on ball valves and sealing “O” rings. However, over time and working at high temperatures, the seals age and leak. I tested dozens of insulators, and finally selected an extremely high strength wood material.

“I also conducted many, many tests on the PID temperature controller. It was important to ensure that the PID controller, thermocouple and relay were matched with each other to ensure uniform, rapid and accurate heat transfer every time.

“Should parts ever fail, I have also ensured that all parts can be easily replaced to deliver lifetime value to our customers.

“We are a small but expert production unit, which allows us to service customers personally and ensure that customer care, their buying experience and of course our presses are all of the highest quality.”

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