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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, SeedBank, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

Seed King are now SeedBank! A new website, more variety, faster shipping and even better prices!

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Since 2003, they have been offering a wide collection of seeds of all types – photoperiod, autoflowering, CBD, fast flowering and of course feminized. All of top quality from elite genetics, all with great germination rates. And if you were a previous customer of Seed King, fear not – all your order details are still safe and sound in your account.

SeedBank give you detailed information on every strain they offer. So whether you are growing indoors or out, in a greenhouse, in soil, coco or hydroponically, you’ll find that identifying the right strain for your environment is a clear and simple process.

What’s more, SeedBank give you cannabinoid details on their seeds for THC, CBD and CBG, and a precise terpine profile too, so that you know exactly what you’re getting, and can experiment with different types and tastes.

SeedBank have an excellent quality control system in place to ensure that they only sell seeds of the highest quality.

They go through a lot of seeds and with a large turnover SeedBanks’s stock is replenished often, so you can rest assured that their seeds are extremely fresh and viable.

All of their inventory is also checked regularly to ensure that the seeds remain above a 90% germinate rate.

All US orders over $75 get free shipping in super-discreet packaging. And SeedBank ship worldwide.

Their clean and simple website is highly informative, easy to navigate and ordering, (via many options including credit card and crypto currency) is very straightforward. Take a look – and make sure to check out Seedbank’s “New & Exotic” page, where you’ll find strains which are the result of selective breeding projects to isolate and enhance the best qualities of some of the more established and popular strains.

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