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We are very pleased to welcome back to 420 Magazine, BudVac, as a valued sponsor. BudVac’s innovative vacuum storage solutions keep your herbs and goods fresher for longer, with complete reliability.

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BudVac really love and appreciate their customers. They have been in business since 2009 and their overarching goal is to preserve your herb/tobacco while maintaining absolute discretion. Their BudVac jars stand apart from other stash containers by utilizing dual factors – a vacuum sealing lid and all-glass containers with no BPA, (Bisphenol A), which can leach from plastic containers.

Their vacuum seal is created by using their proprietary lid that’s equipped with an air vacuum valve. Paired with the BudVac vacuum pump, you can remove every last bit of air within the jar thus preventing oxidation of your valuable contents.

BudVac’s glass jars are entirely impermeable. This means that nothing can escape from its walls – especially the dank aroma that exudes from prized herbs and high-end tobaccos. Additionally, their glass is never treated, which ensures that nothing will ever leech onto your valuable flowers, unlike plastic containers that are made of petroleum biproducts containing Bisphenol A.

The process of creating the vacuum is accomplished with a few rapid pumps. You’ll quickly hear a clicking sound – which is the indicator letting you know the vacuum process is complete. You can expect to reach a vacuum level between -25 and -29 in.Hg. (Outer space is -30 in.Hg). Testing has shown that the vacuum lasts for up to one year.

If you have valuable products which you want to keep in peak condition, then BudVac’s vacuum jars are exactly what you need.

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For 420 Magazine to continue offering our free service we rely on like-minded sponsors such as BudVac, to whom we are truly grateful. Please support our Mission by supporting them. Our sponsors make 420 Magazine possible.

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