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We are pleased to announce that Cilicon are 420 Magazine’s Sponsor Of The Month!

With 12 years of innovation behind them, Cilicon’s mission remains to improve lives through vaporization technology with innovation, enthusiasm and compassion.

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Always striving to provide innovative and diverse cannabis vape solutions to the cannabis community, Cilicon have built a highly successful business through creating a close working relationship, based on communication, collaboration and cooperation, with their staff, partners and customers.

With over 2,500 members of staff and 287 patents to their name, Cilicon was born with one dream: to improve everyday lives through vaporization technology, with innovation, enthusiasm and compassion. Cilicon were tired of inferior products driving out high-quality ones, restricting consumer choice. They were founded without compromise on quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Innovation is in their blood.

Their latest innovation is their completely redesigned Reoregin™: an absolute paragon of ceramic heating technology for cannabis vaporizers that leads to unbeatable performance.

With a substantial technological leap designed to extract all possible levels of terpenes’ flavor and aroma, Reoregin™’s heating component is equipped with an enlarged heating source that enables a lower vaporizing temperature setting and an even heat distribution system to restore the original terpene flavor, while offering a stunning fluent vaping experience.

The amazing Reoregin™ also features greater ceramic porosity and a broad cuboid mesh heating coil to make an more instant yet balanced vaporizing performance. The Reoregin™ design maximizes the actual heating area in the heating element while reducing air blockage to deliver a natural, fast, and explosive vaping experience.

Whether you’re after Carts, Pod Systems or Disposable Vapes, Cilicon should be your first stop for top of the range, cutting-edge products.

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Reoregin Cilicon


Factory Building No.2
Gongye 3rd Road
Langxin Community
Shiyan Road
Bao’an, Shenzhen


Website: Cilicon

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