Sponsor Of The Month: MagicalButter

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MagicalButter creation began while watching a game with friends. One of the friends has Crohn’s disease and is allergic to smoke. She talked about how traditional medicines had failed her and how her quest to heal herself with herbs led to vaporizing. Her allergies prevented her from using a vaporizer. She tried cooking herbs into various foods but failed time and again. Within a few weeks a company was born.

MagicalButter is dedicated to giving you the best product possible so they have combined their Research and Development and Quality Assurance all under one roof. This is to insure that every customer receives the highest quality outcome in their recipes. From appetizers to deserts along with tinctures and salves, you will be able to find the perfect blend of medicinal properties to suit your needs.

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This device has come full circle from the brain child it once was to become a state of the art solid stainless steel  kitchen staple. Engineers and scientist have logged countless hours determining ideal cooking times, grinding intervals, cooking temperatures and stirring frequencies. Their expectations have been exceeded now their goal is to exceed YOURS!

At MagicalButter, your satisfaction is their #1 priority! They have representatives that are ready to answer all of your questions.

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5910 Pine Hill Rd. Unit 5
Port Richey, FL 34668

Phone: 1-701-4BUTTER (1-701-428-8837)
Hours: Monday – Friday 10AM – 5PM (EST)