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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, MagicStone, to our mission of spreading cannabis awareness to the world.

Introducing MagicStone, the only direct-light, real time convection instruments delivering the pure essence of cannabis flower with the simplicity of a pipe.


MagicStone is battery-free and combustion-free (heat-not-burn). This smokeless method of enjoying your dry flower while keeping it “pipe simple” is pretty game-changing once you dial in your technique. From a “How does it work?” standpoint, MagicStone combines an innovative patented design with the unique thermal qualities of soapstone to create a real-time convection heating instrument. And all it takes to release the CannabessenceTM of your flower, and to control the strength of each hit, is your MagicStone, a good flame and your breath.

Jim Giberti, founder and creative director of The Imagination Company and now the developer of MagicStone, describes his eureka moment:

One night while I was relaxing, working on ideas, I was pondering one of soapstone’s most valued properties – its unique thermal quality. Soapstone’s ability to absorb, retain and slowly release heat has made it a prized material for literally thousands of years.

(For a little context: I started my career as a musician/performer and then studio producer and like so many of my peers, I’ve always been a cannabis user and proponent.)

So here I was, unwinding late night with an old-school pipe burning perfectly good flower, creating ash and tar and then, as happens in the best creative moments: the wonder of serendipity. I asked myself the magic question: What if you could design an instrument that could harness soapstone’s unique thermal qualities…something that could be used and lit simply like a pipe but heated, not burned, and controlled like a vaporizer?

Doing precision work in stone, especially soapstone, has challenges unlike virtually any other material. But after three years of engineering and prototyping – and lots and lots of daily testing – we were ready to introduce the first MagicStone instrument – The Odyssey (named for both its epic journey and, before shaping, its likeness to Kubric’s monolith).

Soapstone feels soft and “soapy”, and people just love to touch it. Each piece is shaped and polished, then hand-rubbed with food-grade mineral oil and buffed with pure Carnauba wax to bring out the the deeper gray/black coloring with light flecks and unique quartz veining.

Each Odyssey and Alchemy is carved from a single block of soapstone, then precision machined, assembled, tooled and finished by hand by genuinely passionate artisans. And every MagicStone instrument comes with a lifetime warranty, numbered and signed by the maker.

Odysseys can also be engraved with your name or initials, literally etched in stone and hand-gilded by MagicStone craftsmen.

Elegant craftsmanship, natural, easy to care for and feeling incredible to hold, your MagicStone will become more beautiful with use.

MagicStone Odyssey
MagicStone Odyssey
MagicStone Alchemy Magicstone
MagicStone Alchemy


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