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Please join us in thanking Mobius for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading cannabis awareness to the world.

Mobius manufactures cannabis processing equipment designed for the rigors of commercial harvesting. 

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With so many variables and market pressures, you need cannabis processing equipment that works as hard as you do to produce top-quality flower. Equipment you can rely on for speed, consistency, and the automation features that established industries take for granted.

Mobius is built by a team of first-generation cannabis equipment engineers who are changing the game with the next generation of cannabis processing equipment — 100% redesigned from the ground up.

In addition to Mobius, the team’s core founded several of the leading cannabis equipment brands still in the marketplace today. And while these machines revolutionized labor dynamics and made commercial production what it is today, they wanted more for the future.

They redesigned and automated the future of cannabis harvesting with trimmers, buckers, conveyors, and sorters to meet today’s production challenges — and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Mobius equipment checks all the boxes — that’s why they have become the global leader in just a short amount of time. Their machines overcome every challenge of first-generation equipment with innovative solutions based on what’s most important for cultivators now.

Mobius trimmers limit contact with the flower to preserve high-value trichomes, and their entire line of automation equipment reduces the human errors that compromise quality and consistency.

Efficiency is speed. Their equipment is built for large facilities processing high volumes. Smaller cultivators benefit too, with reduced labor costs and faster, more-predictable harvest days.

All Mobius machines are manufactured in-house — exclusively in North America — and designed to perform for years to come. Every purchase is backed by their one-year warranty and money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Cleaning shouldn’t be an afterthought when designing cannabis equipment. Mobius equipment prevents the build-up of sticky resin and is easy to clean. All Mobius machines disassemble by hand in minutes — without tools or small parts to misplace.

Safeguard yourself against the coming age of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Every machine is GMP-ready with cleanable stainless steel surfaces, zero accumulation points, and documentation packages included with each purchase.

And when it comes to service, with Mobius, you get the five-star customer service that only a vertically integrated, North American company can provide.

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Telephone: 1-866-874-6244



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