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Please join us in thanking Sierra Natural Science for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

When you use Sierra Natural Science you will have better performing crops that have higher yields & a richer color.

Sierra Natural Science

Sierra Natural Science products are produced with safe & effective formulas from organic botanicals & herbs. They’re all made in-house for guaranteed product consistency. You can have confidence knowing your children & pets are safe from harsh chemicals & odors. Their weed killer kills weeds safely and effectively. Their OMRI listed pesticides kill common garden pests with no harsh chemicals. And their OMRI listed fungicides eliminate common molds, mildews and diseases. All SNS products are exempt from EPA regulations.

Sierra Natural Science have a range of their organic products specifically tailored to cannabis and hemp plants, used by the small home-grower and large commercial grows alike.

These products are made to give you the fullest grow. Their four main products can be used in organic production, are non-detect and can reduce IPM costs.

Natural Pesticides
You don’t need harsh chemicals to kill bugs. That is a known fact in the natural pesticides industry. SNS’s line of 4 powerful & safe pesticide formulas use Rosemary, Peppermint & Clove extracts to kill bugs and keep them from coming back. Free your garden of invasive and damaging bugs for good and control the bugs in your garden with confidence.

You can see 420 Magazine’s recent official review of SNS’s Spider Mite formulation here – Sierra Natural Science 217 Spider Mite Control Review

Natural Fungicides
Rid or protect your plants from common molds, mildews, fungus and plant diseases with SNS-244 & SNS-DC. Both products are made for home and garden, available in ready-to-use and concentrate forms and, like all SNS products, perfectly safe around children and pets when used as directed.

Liquid Fertilizers
SNS liquid fertilizers will help you grow bigger and healthier plants. The SNS Grow, Micro and Bloom fertilizers are made with all-natural botanicals. They all have liquid NPKs standards, excellent follistim range, are innovative fertilizers with essential nutrients and microorganisms and deliver conservation tillage and ecological approach to soil management

Hydroponic Nutrients
Sierra Natural Science is a trustworthy provider of hydroponics worldwide. With SNS, you can be sure that you’ll get the best possible products. Moreover, you’ll save money, maximize yields, and produce better quality plant products. SNS hydro nutrients are the best choice because of their high-quality formulas and materials, their complete transparency, affordability and the fact that they’re from a trustworthy company with nearly 15 years in the agriculture industry.

Choose Sierra Natural Science for all your garden needs. You can be fully organic and highly effective by trusting this established, expert provider.

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1031 Industrial St. Unit C
Salinas CA 93901

Telephone: (1) 877-626-5505


Website: Sierra Natural Science

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Sierra Natural Science