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Mars Hydro has been a premiere LED grow light manufacturer since 2009. They have our own research, design, development, production and testing teams to support their great products. Their testing teams are very large, diverse and from all over the world. They are committed to providing high quality LED grow lights to their customers. In the past five years, Mars Hydro has been continuously improving their products using a 3 watt-single chip, 5 watt single chip, double ball bearing fans and reflector designs. They’ve also adopted the most beneficial plant spectrum and IDS integrated technology to make their lights some of the best in the global market.

All of Mars Hydro’s products are CE and RoHS Certified. Rest assured, your safety while using their LED grow lights is their top concern. They pride themselves in using the best components and following stringent quality manufacturing processes. If you have a requirement for any additional certifications, contact them directly and they will help.

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Mars Hydro has completed many large commercial consulting and growing projects in Greece, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. The success of these projects continually leads to new projects and a growing client base, one grow at a time “together”. Let their experience help you and always know their professional advice is geared towards what you need to be successful, rather than just making sales grow.

mars hydro
mars hydro

Contact Information

15 Building, NanGang Industral Park

ShiYan, Baoan District, ShenZhen, 518108, China

+0086 183028 19091


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