Spore Genetics: Bringing The Best Genetics Right To Your Door

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We warmly welcome Spore Genetics to our ever-growing band of mushroom sponsors! We thank them for their support. It’s our sponsors who keep 420 Magazine a free resource for all.

Spore Genetics are a mushroom laboratory, bringing the finest quality genetics right to your door with just a click.

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The Spore Genetics’ process is unique, giving them the ability to provide a cutting-edge spore solution which is formulated 100% organic and sterile, to keep spores fully hydrated and in peak condition for microscopic use.

Their gourmet cultures are started from spores and lab isolated, first generation cultures to provide you with the medicinal and therapeutic products that you deserve.

Spore Genetics’ cultures and spore solutions are constantly tested by their lab technicians, to guarantee that you will receive a contaminant-free experience.

If you are ready to embark on a journey into the fascinating world of mushroom spores, their spore syringes are packed full of millions of organic spores, thoroughly tested for contaminants and suspended in their proprietary solution for optimal viewing. Say “Goodbye” to dirty, unreliable vendors & “Hello” to a 100% contaminant-free experience. Let SG Labs be your only true source of Psilocybin Cubensis mushroom spores!

Get ready to take your mushroom cultivation to the next level with their exceptional selection of liquid cultures. Each first generation liquid culture is isolated to perfection, ensuring they are completely contaminant free, providing a fulfilling experience for any mushroom enthusiast. Don’t settle for mediocre liquid cultures – experience the difference with Spore Genetics’ premium selection today!

And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out their ever-changing monthly deals. Reduced prices for major bulk orders are also available.

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PO Box 1178
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147

Telephone: 414-514-2281 

Email: support@sporegenetics.com

Website: Spore Genetics

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