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Please join me in thanking Brothers With Glass for renewing their sponsorship to help further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world. Without the support of sponsors such as Brothers With Glass we would not be able to continue operating a complicated website such as this for very long. If you appreciate the free information and friendship on this site, we ask that you also help our mission by supporting the sponsors who make this possible.

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Brothers With Glass is a family owned and operated business that was created with one goal, to offer a great selection of top quality hand made glass products from local artists from all around the US. They have a network of different glass blowers from several different states including California, Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, Idaho, North Carolina, Arizona, Indiana, New York, Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan and many more. They currently only sell American made glass from dependable companies like Schott and EU. All of their glass pipes are hand made by skilled artist with many years of experience in producing consistent quality glass pipes. Every piece is inspected when it arrives, and again when shipped to ensure you get a quality glass pipe every time.

Products Available
Brothers With Glass stocks some of the most well know and trusted brands on the market like Hitman Glass, SYN, ZOB, HVY, JM Flow, C2 Custom Creations, Chameleon Glass, Silika and Dynomite. In addtion to that they offer some hard to find and highly sought after artist like; Bob the Glass Blower aka BTGB, Beer Glass, Evol, STF and Liberty Glass. They only stock American glass and do not sell cheap imports! Offering outstanding quality hand pipes from artist in the United States. They hope to feature glass pipes from all 50 states in the future.

Brothers With Glass
Brothers With Glass

Contact Information

Email Contact@brotherswithglass.com
Phone 1-503-718-7975

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