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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, Vapor Brothers, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

Vapor Brothers was created by two friends, an artist “Geno” and an engineer “Linus” in early 1999. They were looking for a way to vaporize without hassle, since the common vaporizer of the day was slow, finicky, and tended to burn the herbs. The taste was important as well, as vapor could became stale by the time it was ready to inhale in the devices of the day. They created a brand new way to inhale heated air through the herbs to evaporate their oil content instantly. 

Vapor Brothers

Their “Glass-on-glass 100% convection” way of vaporizing heated the herbs gently, avoiding burned spots since the herbs never contacted hot surfaces.

Local Venice residents who were immersed in cutting edge ventures of health, hemp, and psychedelia took up the mantle of Vapor Brothers in the spring of 1999. They received immeasurable help from the actor Woody Harrelson, his assistant Mariko and his brother Brett. Dr. Richard Deandrea – then running a project to convert inner city families to organic food and good nutrition – and Steve Claps – whose band Smoking Toads became a musical companion for people to use during their psychedelic experiences – were also early founders.

Vapor Brothers have popularized the notion of vaporizing in America and abroad. Their iconic angled box vaporizer shape has become a common vaporizer type, although they only recommend inhaling from their brand as others don’t consider the design limitations necessarily to ensure no outgassing of harmful chemicals. They exist to elevate the health and enjoyment of the people who use their invention. Users all the way back to their first days often report that their vaporizers have improved their lives by making herb medication more accessible and effective, also by reducing exposure to the harmful products of smoking. A portion of their sales go to supporting patients with serious medical and financial needs.

Vapor Brothers would never sell a product that they wouldn’t want to use themselves. Since vaporizers contain extremely hot components, it’s essential to design them not to overheat and off-gas toxic odors. In the “hot zone” of their devices, they eliminate materials that break down with temperature, such as plastic, Teflon, brass, or shiny metals. They have strict self-imposed standards that ensure the vapor stream is non-toxic.

The vaporizers in their selection are either handpicked by their R&D team or custom designed from the ground up. Vaporizer styles they originated became popular through person-to-person contact instead of marketing — at one point, their patented box-style vaporizer was the most common in the world.

This relentless dedication is why Vapor Brothers vaporizers are always head and shoulders above the knock-offs. You can literally smell the difference between their devices and their imitators. Whether you’re a connoisseur of herbal flavor, or if you simply don’t like inhaling plastic fumes, you’ll be thrilled with the clean hit you get.

Vapor Brother’s dedication to good vibes extends to their pricing: the devices aren’t the cheapest, but for the quality of material used, they’re the most affordable on the market. Vapor Brothers believe that everyone should have access to a clean, high-quality vaporizing experience.

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