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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Houyi Lighting to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

420 Magazine began life 23 years ago in an endeavor to end prohibition by creating a forum where appreciation and awareness of the Cannabis plant could flourish. We are not only the oldest Cannabis community website, we are also, thanks to our large and sophisticated membership, recognized as the gold standard for knowledge sharing. To continue offering this free service we rely on like-minded sponsors such as Houyi Lighting, to whom we are truly grateful. Please support our Mission by supporting them. Our sponsors make 420 Magazine possible.

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Houyi Lighting
The Shenzhen Houyi Lighting Co. Ltd. was founded in 2008 as a high and new tech enterprise specializing in the research, design and development of LED aquarium lighting, LED grow lights and LED underwater pool lights. All their lights are based on high-standard LEDs and comply with authoritative certification FCC, CE and ROHS; most of them also have the Swiss SGS ISO9001:2000 rating.

Today, Houyi manufacture a wide range of LED grow lights, including those utilising the top the range CREE chips, full spectrum lights, grow light bars and spotlights. Their latest integrated COB LEDs effectively improves the color uniformity and luminous efficiency, making them more powerful in the vegetative stage and blooming stage of plants. Their unique and patented professional optical reflector enhances the Par value for maximum growth and yield. Lights across the range all come with a daisy-chain facility, allowing different models to be easily linked and each carry a solid, 2 year warranty.

What’s more, Houyi will be delighted to discuss any customisation or specific requirements you may have – whether it’s spectrum, plug type or lead length. Whatever style or strength of LED you’re looking for, you’ll find the answer somewhere in the the exhaustive range of LEDs from Houyi Lighting

Houyi Lighting
Houyi Lighting
Houyi Lighting
Houyi Lighting


F3/B2, Yi-Jia-Yang Industrial Park,
Huaming Rd,


Website: The Shenzhen Houyi Lighting Co. Ltd.

Email: admin@ledaquagrow.com

Thank you Houyi Lighting for your support in our mission. We are truly grateful!

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