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SweetSue;3221962 said:
I've caught up to page eight Magnus. I was looking for supergroomer's cream formula. I've a dear friend who asked me to make a cream for her mother, in hopes of relieving the tension of headaches she's been getting since she fell and smacked her head on the fridge. :straightface: They've checked her out and didn't find any damage to explain the reaccuring head pain, so we're thinking a pain cream might free things up enough to offer some relief.

4 grams of Carnival.......


4 ounces of grape seed oil


Shake every hour until I turn into someone who sleeps, and then every time I think of it from then on.


36 hours at the lowest setting, which in my oven is 170 degrees F.


I'll bake it for the next 36 hours

Continuing on: The infused oil got strained. I use a piece of silkscreen silk, I believe it's 125 tpi, for this job. I find it easier to squeese every last drop out using the silk.


Supergroomer's measurements were for 2 cups of oil to 1.3 oz of beeswax. I'm working with a small batch, so my final measurements worked out to .25 oz of beeswax and 2 oz of the infused grape seed oil.
One ounce of the infused oil with the grated beeswax melted over a double boiler.


After the wax is melted, add the remaining 1 oz of infused oil. Let it sit aside until it begins to form a skin.


Whisk like mad to get some air incorporated into the topical.


This was easier to whisk up than the previous one I made, and it's way less waxy. I like the buttery texture of it. Where the one I already have, with a higher ratio of wax, works well for the feet, (I rub some into the dry patches every time I put on shoes and socks to go out - my feet have never looked this good in the middle of the winter) this one will work better for the intended patient. It absorbs into the skin better. I miss the coconut smell. :cheesygrinsmiley:


This is a mix I can't use for myself, at least on any of the patches that have psoriasis. If it works for my friend's mother I'll send her the rest of it.


Thank you all for your hard work at experimenting over here. You made my life easier, and I appreciate it. :hug: :love:


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