My First 150 x 150 x 200 tent grow

HIGH my felloe grower and readers this is my first go at what will be mt first tent grow.

My inventaory and equimet is pretty much standard and advise and leadership is always welcome.I believe one can never know enough.


Tent 150x150x200

Lights 1 x 400w MH / 2 X 400W HPS (Flowering)

1 M/ Adjust a wing (Veg) / 2 x M/Adjust a wing (Flowring)

Outtake 1 x 6" Inline Hydor Fan
Intake - Passive (Ducting with filter)
(Advise Welcome):welcome:

20L Bags for the ladies

Complete Supersoil Mix (Cooking for at least 4 months)Not very strong mix but has all the essentials.

NUTRIENTS i have Greenhouse Veg/Short Flower
I will try the combo off chem nutrients with the supersoil.
(Opinions welcome)

1 x 15" Fan inside pushing air around

1 x temp,air humidity meter

Strain is a Northen light bean i got through a trusted source but strains still to be selected.Running on this NL and 2 other bag seeds just to get system up and going.

Thats it hope im not missing something.Hope you will enjoy this as much as i will.Pleae advise when you see im about to burn my fingers haha



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