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repuk’s flow chart: part 4

repuk’s flow chart: part 4

The latest rework of Tangwena’s Malawi style cob curing technique
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This is great info!!! I'm trying a slightly modified version. (I'm only vacuum packing, no husks or parchment. I was a bit too concerned about pesticides being on the husks available to me & didn't want parchment. Put it in a hot water bath (Crock-Pot) at 180°F until the vacuum bag was distended, then bled off excess air & resealed. Now I'm soaking it in a bath at 150° for at least 24-36 hours to sweat. Can't wait to give this stuff a try in a few weeks. The strain I'm testing this with is Frisian duck. It should be interesting to have a cobbed & non-cobbed version. Since this isn't the strongest strain out there it should be interesting to see how much if any of a transformation this makes in it's effects. Regular is an energetic relaxed but clear headed feeling. My goal is to aim for the more narcotic heavy CBN type effect.

Wish me luck!
I’ll do you one better. We have a thread dedicated to the process. Join us. :4:

This link]/B] will take you to the current page. Prepare yourself for the most fun you’ve ever had playing with buds. :slide:
Sorry about that. I usually try to proofread better, and I can’t edit over here. Lol!
@SweetSue to clarify the rocket ship & UFO on the time frames, rocket= energetic liftoff & UFO = YOUR ASS GOT ABDUCTED & you're a total space cadet,. Correct?
Yes. :19; :19: :19:

OMG, I love this neighborhood :19:

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