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SF Bay Area, CA
Fishing, gardening, baseball, hockey
Favorite Strain
The one in my pipe.
Do you use Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes?
No, except for occasion aches and pains.
Retired Silicon Valley Professional


Current 2021 Grow -- Purple Haze, Granddaddy Purple, American Pie Auto, Zamaldelica Auto, Gorilla Cookies Auto, and more.
Outdoor Grow 2020--Killer A5 Haze, Gorilla Breath, Dr.S CBD, White Widow, Alaskan Purple, Super Critical Bud CBD -- Complete
Outdoor Grow 2019 -- White Widow, Northern Lights, CBD Lemon Potion Auto -- Complete

Outdoor Grow 2018 -- Blueberry Muffin, Blackberry Fire, Sour Diesel, Cookies, Dream Queen -- Complete
Tutorial: Make a Smoke Pipe From Your Plant!
DIY: Plant Trolley.



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