• is your name a reference to the dog breed blue healer??? Just curious, we have a half blue healer puppy that we just had gotten spade yesterday. Wonderful puppy!! love her to death. Oh well, take care and have a very green 420 day
    Hello, I was wondering what is the best way to use the coast of maine lobster compost? Should you plant directly into it or use as a soil amendment? Thanks
    Hello. I was directed to you regarding my question on raised green house growing.

    We made a green house over our two 3 ft raised garden beds (beds used for putting our dog poo in along with goats poo and logs and dirt). Grew the best green tomatoes. So we thought to try green. We had three seeds that took off. Green house beds are like 5’x10’ x 2 with 1.5’ isle down the middle. Two plants in one bed and one plant in the other side.
    My questionis this. They’re growing too big for the dome green house and growing against the plastics. I tie down. Looks like a circus tent with all the strings.
    When is it okay to remove some of the big leafs and how much longer will it take to start budding? I’m assuming I have females.
    It looks crazy but I could try to get pictures to explain my delimina.
    Thank you again for the add and look forward to some expert advise.
    Hey there. Newer to the forums but you have been nice enough to comment a few times in my journal. I’m currently building a 24’x40’ raised bed garden(varying sized beds..3x3, 4x8, 6x6, etc, surrounded by a permanent cedar deer fence. The garden is to serve my family with fresh herbs, veggies, and fruit.

    I’m really interested in rain water collection. I have a 12’x20’ shed that I could use to collect. Using your green house as an example, are you purely using rain water, or do you need to supplement? Wondering how many containers I should get.

    Any help, pointers, links is much appreciated.

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