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  • Hey all New here and wanted to say hi, I will be starting a grow in Jan 2018 here is what I am doing any feedback would be great.
    This is legal Medical Grow. My first online grow, first time trying scrog, and first time I am using Waterfarms which I have modified quit a bit. Here is the info:
    What strain is it? 4 Plants (will I have room in a 4x4 tent?)
    Acorn, also known as “Akorn†or “Snowbud,â€
    Indoor grow
    Outsunny 4x4x6.5 grow tent
    MARSII 1200W LED for Veg and Bloom
    Hydro grow with Expanded clay pellets soaked in PH water for 24hrs before placing in the 2 gallon growing chambers, Rockwell for seedling.
    General Hydroponics GH4120 Waterfarm times 4 (not sure if I will make a controller/reservoir and link all 4 kits together I will update if I do)
    RO water, (wife has a salt water tank so that makes it easy)
    PH of media or res? 5.6
    How often are you watering? leaving system on 24/7
    Nuts. Flora Series Micro/Flora/Bloom with a bit of Epsom Salt.
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